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Welcome to my website.

I'm a creative all-rounder, with over 30 years' experience. I'm based in Gloucestershire, and I offer a wide range of skills and capabilities - with a bit of a thing for hand-drawn work!  My rates are competitive, and I can work either remotely, or in-house if you prefer.

Check out each of the different sections here, for a summary of what I have to offer, and some samples of work.

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Sometimes you can't Mac-up the things you've thought of, because photos simply don't exist.


But with my hand-drawn visuals, you can show your client whatever your imagination can create.


Whether it's images to be built into a Mac layout, complete schematics for a mailpack, exhibition stand designs, or just some scamps to help explain an idea or inform a photo shoot, hand-drawn visuals are a flexible, adaptive and expressive way to convey your intentions.








I believe in the intimate authenticity

of images created by the human

hand and eye - and although I may

use digital techniques to extend,

develop and enhance the work, it all

begins with pens on paper.


I can offer a range of options and

techniques within my overall style,

so please have a look through the

samples and see what you think...



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From full-colour client-facing presentations, to hard-working

scamp-style schematics, I can provide whatever you need in the way of storyboarding.


Sometimes they’ll be for TV shorts or ads, sometimes for corporate videos, sometimes even for website



I can work with you on the entire idea and execution, or just supply individual frames to your brief.



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Ideas are vital, and I have a lot of

experience at concept level. I can

deliver whatever you need, from

entire campaigns to one-off ads,

mailpack formats, or even just

individual headlines and imagery.


Just have a look through some of

these samples for a flavour of what I

can deliver.




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I am that rarest of things, an art director who can write decent copy.


I can work at any level, from concept headlines and corporate straplines, to letters, emails, body copy for ads, brochures, etc. And I do a pretty good line in rationales too.



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Good design is about the ability to

impart a crisp, attractive, engaging look to your work, that makes everything you do communicate as well as possible.


It’s not always about innovation, dazzling artistry, or winning awards. That’s a bonus if the opportunity allows, but for most practical day-to-day purposes, my main focus is on making your work look professional and polished.


That’s what my clients expect, and

that’s what I deliver.



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